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Yesterday we drove to Salt Lake City (about a 5 hour drive) and back! It was a long day. We started at 8am, had a nice, uneventful drive. Then we stopped by his Mom's new house in Layton, and dropped off the stuff we packed in my car for her. She left for work, and we drove an hour south to Provo to see Jon's sister and her husband's apartment. His sister was at work, so we took her husband to an early dinner. I do miss hanging out with them, now that they've moved.

After dinner we went to the User Group meeting that was the reason we went down there in the first place. Ryan Stewart from Adobe was there to show us the features of the new versions of a couple Adobe programs. It was very interesting, and they really appreciated that we came all the way down there! Ryan said he asked Adobe to schedule a Boise stop, but they said there wouldn't be enough people there. Psssh. He was really awesome and I'm glad I got to meet him. I actually went up to him and shook his hand! Jon was surprised I did that, and honestly I am too. I'm usually bad about meeting new people, but I think it was the "celebrity" factor that motivated me. :D

After the meeting, we went to second dinner with Jon's sister. She is getting really big (her baby is due in a month)! Sat there for awhile and chatted. We had decided that we'd drive back home at that point instead of staying with family or whatever. We got home about 3am. LONG day. I'm glad we came home last night instead of today though, I have another long day tomorrow and it was nice to have the whole day to relax.

I had so much stuff to catch up on today, between emails and my feeds. I might be behind on feeds for awhile...

And on a totally different note, I'm confused about Jon's reaction when I told him about the good news that there is now a generic version of the Plan B pill. He said "that's stupid". I was speechless for a minute. Then I said "it's like $50 bucks at this point, its really great that it will be cheaper". And then he said something about how it should be the "last resort" and I'm thinking, since when is "plan b" ever the last resort? That's like Plan H, or Z for that matter. He said that people "shouldn't be buying it all the time". Actually, its a great thing to have on hand. I did not know where to start figuring out where the disconnect/misunderstanding was... and then he just walks away, like he does when there's something that makes him uncomfortable or whatever. I rarely get irked with him, but that's one thing that really grinds my gears, the walking away thing. Because then my "Jon..." sounds really whiny or whatever. I think maybe I haven't explained well enough that Plan B isn't actually an "abortion pill". Whatever.

Here's a WTF... I went to check on my garden today. The stupid gopher dug another hole in our yard, this time in the grass right beside my garden. Grr! So I start digging at the dirt, intending to scoop some off the side, and this huge spider runs out. GAH!!! I'm like HOLY CRAP and Jon was right there. I watched it while he ran and got the spider killing spray. My guess was that is was a wolf spider, and I just looked it up and I was right. Holy ew. *shivers*

Damn it kids, its not the Fourth of July yet! Stop launching fireworks.

It's almost my birthday! I'm still such a little kid inside (even though I'll be 27) that I get excited about my birthday. Haha. I'll be getting that Mac computer around that time, so that will be fun!!