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Quick as in LIGHTNING!

There was a storm off in the distance the other night, with lots of lightning. I thought capturing video might be fun, so here we go.

Why won't Photobucket videos embed in LJ??

And I also wanted to mention the awesomeness that is Twilight, the first book in the Twilight saga, by Stephenie Meyer. I will be reading the next book this weekend...

Might as well turn this into a Friday Fun, here are some cute pics! :D

more cat pictures

Death by adorable kittens may occur if you go here.

Finally, this site is a great place to see some of the awesome art and design being done out there. Also, to keep up on the latest articles about design, you can go here.


Happy Friday everyone!

Today has given us Idahoans a bit of weird weather. It goes from overcast to partly cloudy to sunny and it is HOT. It's supposed to rain later, and that would just make it a humid soggy mess. Oh well. Like usual, I'm sitting inside contemplating the weather rather than actually outside experiencing it! :)

Hopefully we'll get out of work on time so we can go play some tennis. If its not raining, that is. We have to go at about 7:30, right as the sun is setting, because anytime before that it will be too hot. And then you can't go much later than that because its been getting dark really fast lately. So there is a limited tennis window. We'll see how that goes.

I have a couple links I wanted to share today.

First up is a collection of sites that encompass just about everything a girl needs to know about. OK that's kind of vague. This is a good one to start with: GeekSugar - it has links to cool tech stuff. Then at the top you can change to a fashion site, or a food site, or an exercise site. If you join TeamSugar, you can be a part of the community and post links, make lists, and participate in general. If you think you'd like to join, let me know so I can invite you! :D It's really fun, and pretty fast paced too!

Our next link is an article on Wired. A highly sarcastic article about just how much gamers need that new Mountain Dew marketed directly to them... here. This article made me laugh out loud.

Also in the vein of gaming, we have Brainy Gamer which features intelligent discussion about gaming. I like it!

Finally, this site looks like it has a lot of neat things to read and look at. I'm looking forward to going through the site and seeing what interesting links and things I can find. :)

ETA: I found this site via NOTCOT - Looks yummy!! Muzi Tea

Sidenote, I've decided I like how my "page summary" looks with my one word titles I've been using. Very clean.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Holy cow. It got to be 107 degrees yesterday. Looks like it will be almost as hot today. When I checked at 10:15 it was already 85.

This day is going to be so long and its going SO slow and its just not.... good. Garrrrr. I just want it to be the weekend. For real. That "fake weekend" on Wednesday only served to really mess up my sleep schedule.

This weekend should be fun. I get to take my cat to the vet tomorrow. It shouldn't be an ordeal, I brought the cat carrier from my parents' house, and set it in the living room for Gypsy to get used to. She doesn't seem to mind it at all, in fact she was laying in it last night. So hopefully she won't be scared of it. Once I stuff her in and drive 10 minutes to the vet, then she might be scared of it.

I guess this could be a Friday Fun entry, technically, even though it's not all THAT fun. Here are some cool links I've been visiting lately:

If you use Illustrator or Photoshop, a great place for inspiration (and free downloads!) is BittBox. Always something fun there. I just downloaded tons of stuff. o.O

Lately I've been getting hooked for a day or two on a particular site... a week ago it was the "best of" section of Craigslist. This week... Overheard in New York. I will sit on my laptop for hours just reading through these sites. It doesn't help that Overheard has a couple sister sites like Overheard at the Beach and at the Office. It's pretty sad.

More inspiration can be found at a site called Drawn!. This blog showcases artists from all over the world, and some of the stuff is just amazing.

And last but not least, a great site if you're getting sick of your 8-5 job... Freelance Switch. Great articles about working for yourself... I just wish I could keep up with it. My regular job is keeping me too busy these days... coincidence??

Tonight I'll be going to Jon's sister's apartment for a RISK tournament. We've been playing a lot lately... I won the other night and that was nice. And it was almost a draw the second time we played but I finally got beat. So this should be interesting.

In the meantime, I'm going to struggle through some more "work" and see how that goes. ;)


Friday Again!

Looks like I might be making this a tradition... Friday morning/afternoon posts about... anything and everything!

Today, I want to point out a site with some really interesting cartoons. I spent a bit of time yesterday going through and reading them. Make sure to hover your mouse over the images too, there's little funny quips in the alt text.

Earlier this week I went to an Adobe Developers User Group for Idaho (site). That was really fun. Bunch of nerds, really, just hanging out and showing off some sweet applications. I went with Jon, and Ben and Sam that I used to work for. Since I focus mostly on the graphics side of application development, I'm going to hopefully be teaching the programmers at the group about what Flex and Flash can do graphics-wise.

While we were at the user group, after the formal meeting was over, someone starting showing this TV show called The IT Crowd. It was so funny! To us nerds, its funny, anyway. It's about the IT department at some random company. The first thing the IT guy says when he answers the phone is "have you tried turning it off and on again?" :) I found a site you can download the episodes if anyone is interested.

This site features the work of a guy who does animations on white boards.... that would be SO much work!! The videos are just amazing.

I'm staying at my parents' house this weekend because they're out of town, and my sister needs to get to school and such. So I brought my external harddrive with me, and I hope to get started sorting that all out. It's a big mess, and it would be really nice to have a system, you know? I wrote awhile back about feeling overwhelmed with all my online/digital world. I feel like now, I have it more under control. I've cut back on the number of sites I frequent... I mostly just hang out on LJ now. The only thing really left is finding a good system for my bookmarks. I have tons. And I add more every day. I am a bookmark pack rat.

Anywho, I guess that's it for now. Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend. :)


Friday! At last!

I feel like writing a post similar to superfrayed. She has a list of things to be happy about, with links (or techniques for dealing with the grumpies). :) Hehe.

I'm excited for a TV show that's on tonight, called Raines. I've watched the past few episodes and I really enjoy the show. Jeff Goldblum is awesome.

I came across this site in a newsletter I get... I think it could be really fun. It's all about posting reviews on books you've read, and finding new books to read. For a long time I've felt like I might be missing some really good books by always reading science fiction and fantasy... and I'd like to branch out a bit. Check it out - good reads. (link includes my referral code)

iconseeyou is starting an "Icon Making Seminar" and I'm excited, it might get me inspired to actually finish my sets I've been working on forever. :)

Yes, The Office last night was great. I really liked last week's, but last night's was good too. Two parts in particular... when Kevin said "it's not fair, Jim has spent hours, HOURS at reception... HOURS"... that was too funny. And when Pam and Jim discover the castle and its like an epiphany about what Michael is going to do... and Pam promises him a present. Such a wonderful show. Heeee!

Speaking of presents, I want this book. :) It looks like it holds so much inspiration... *sigh*

Ever since (finally) getting a nice camera, I've been taking pictures of juuuuust about everything. Proof of this can be seen on my Flickr.

Recently I got a new monitor for my computer at home... its a 22" widescreen flat panel... with an iPod dock. I'm so spoiled. :) And then the other day I bought a new wireless mouse and keyboard, since my keyboard I had was sticky (I'm a klutz with soda sometimes!) and my mouse drained batteries in a matter of weeks. My new set is so nice. I love the mouse especially, its a really nice shape.

Well I guess that's it for now. I'm excited for the weekend. I don't have anything big planned, just some serious cleaning in my apartment. Oh yeah, I have to make it through the day... which is going agonizingly slow at this point. Narg.