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I really am compulsive about creating communities.

The newest of my communities is entitled Creative Commons Design. It can be found here: cc_design.

The point of this community is "open source design", similar to software development, where anyone can pick up on someone else's design and create something out of it.

Right now its just me and my coworker Stephen (mr_kawada) so if anyone is interested, join us! :)


Oh, What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I am going to be co-maintaining the community shanks_daily, which is daily posts of the actor Michael Shanks (who plays Daniel Jackson) from Stargate SG1. It should be fun! We're going in order by episode, and we're picking up near the beginning of Season 9. I suppose we might start over after Season 10, but that will be in another 3 months or so, so we'll see! Mondays I'll be posting a set of pictures depicting Daniel's great facial expressions, and Friday will be Fan Day. :) I won't give away the whole schedule at the moment.

And then silly me, I wanted to post images of the OTHER boys in Stargate, so I started the community sgboys_daily so now I have that one too. My new friend melayneseahawk will be helping me with that community too. She likes being organized about it, and I want to try being random. Hehe. So she's going to post images from Stargate Atlantis in order on Sundays, and I'll be posting random caps.

Sounds insane, huh? It'll be something fun I hope. A little distraction. :)